May 21, 2019


Years ago, Patricia and I told Tevya and Kate that we would take their kids on a trip during their eleventh year.  The deal was that the grandkid would get to pick the place–within reason–and justify why they wanted to go there and we would try to make it happen.

Well, Noah turned 11 this past year and he picked Hawaii, in part because he wants to see volcanoes. 

In a few days Patricia, Noah, and I will leave Phoenix for Hawaii. We will spend a week on the Big Island (Hawaii itself) and then several days on Kauai.  We will do a good bit of exploring and will have an excursion to a lava field and waterfall, an evening cruise along the Nepali Coast, and a luau–Noah wants to see how the pig is prepared.

Most of the time we will be staying in Airbnb places except for the first few days when we will be at Hapuna Beach in a big hotel. Patricia and I have stayed there in the past and we think Noah will like it.

I’ll try to write up a little of what we are doing as we go.  I want to get Noah to contribute to the posts as well. Among the 3 of us we’ll have enough cameras that we should be able to post a few pictures as well.

This should be quite an adventure.

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