February 22, 2013

Patricia and I are getting ready for another adventure.

We belong to a Santa Fe-based organization called the School For Advanced Research that does many good things. We regularly go on field trips with them. So far those trips have been in the Southwest and we have visited many interesting sites and learned a great deal.

Now SAR is doing an international trip called Ancient Borderlands of Western Turkey which we will join. We will get to visit some places like Bodrum and Ephesus that we have seen before. But we will also see many other ancient sites with connections to Greece, Rome, and Turkey that we would not otherwise be able to visit.

When SAR announced the trip last year we wanted to go but already had long range plans to visit Scotland in the fall of 2013. We were also expecting that Tevya’s baby (Hannah, as she is now) to be born just about the time of the trip. We reluctantly decided we could not go. But conditions change and we were able to get the last couple of places on this small tour of about 20 people. [Sorry, Scotland.]

I was excited about the places we were going to visit so I took the SAR itinerary and added a list of locations mentioned in their itinerary and looked up a little about each site and added a GPS location linked to a Google map. Here is my version of the itinerary. I created a couple of maps that show all of the sites and a driving route between the places we will stay. That may give you a sense of what territory we will cover. If you go to a larger version of the locations map you will see that there is a placeholder for each of the locations in the order in which we will visit them. The map page is here.

I will try to post pictures as we go along with the posts that I do. I will try to keep up with what we have seen but I expect the trip to be full of busy days and evenings.

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