A trip to Spain and Portugal, Fall 2014

We plan to visit the Andalusia region of Spain for about 2 weeks and then go to Lisbon for about a week.

We are trying something new this year: rather than stay in hotels each night, we have set up airbnb apartments for both Seville and Lisbon.  Doing so should allow us to pack less, since we will be able to do laundry.  It will also cut down our expenses.

Our trip includes several places  we have never seen.  In addition to Madrid and Lisbon, which we have visited before, we will visit Granada, Seville, Cordoba, and Jerez.  We will make a one-day trip to Toledo and, depending on how tired we are at the end of the trip, Segovia.

We’ll be eating dinner later in the evening and in Seville we have lined up some flamenco performances, so I don’t know how much writing I will be able to do in the evenings.  I will do some posts and will include as many pictures as I can manage.

You can see our itinerary for the trip, look at a calendar, check out the pictures and posts, all under this heading.