We took a trip to Hawaii with our grandson Noah

We took a 10-day trip to Hawaii with Noah at the end of May and the beginning of June. We have been planning to take each of our grandchildren on a trip during their 11 years. The idea is that they get to pick the place and, if at all possible, we will go there. The catch is that they have to do some research about where they want to go and they have to “justify” why they want to go there. 

Noah wanted to see volcanoes and the Big Island of Hawaii seemed like a good place to do that. We spent a week on the Big Island and then went to Kauai for several days.

We could not have been with a better traveler. Noah was never cross or bored. I don’t think he ever said “are we there yet?” or “I don’t want to do that.” He tried new foods (he’s better at that than I am) and had new experiences such as walking on a recent lava flow and taking a a boat ride along the Napali Coast of Kauai.

It was a great trip. Feel free to read the posts and look at the pictures.