The weather on Monday, our last day in Barcelona was probably the nicest of our short visit. We spent the morning looking for a particular store. You know, the one down that street, or the other street, with colorful clothes in the window. The only things that description eliminates are jewelry stores and gelato shops. But surprisingly, we did find that store. And it wasn’t down that street, it was down the other. And it did indeed have colorful clothes in the window.

Because the weather was so pleasant we took our last chance to ride the hop-on, hop-off tour bus around the southern part of Barcelona. Before you get a picture in your head of us literally hopping on and off a bus every few minutes, you should know that we got on and off exactly once. The bus was not crowded so we sat on the top. Despite the pleasant temperature, when the wind blew it got chilly.

We both thought the tour was interesting. It seemed to cover a lot of ground in just over 2 hours. The narration was informative and coordinated with what we were seeing. I took quite a few pictures and, unsurprisingly, I don’t remember what the narration said about each location. On one city block, for example, there were buildings architected in by Gaudi and two others but the narration said “on the right, on the left” as we drove down the street, so I have no idea which building was which. So my advice is to just look at the pretty pictures on the Barcelona pictures page.

We will spend the evening getting packed up for our flight to Madrid. We have to be out of the hotel early to get to the airport.

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  1. Love the pictures of Barcelona, Steven. Looks like the weather was perfect. Brings back memories of being there and enjoying it all. Be taking very good care and enjoy, enjoy the rest of the trip. lb

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