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  1. Great Photos. Now I won’t have to visit these places. Have a great time. Things are just fine here.

  2. Wow, love to read all the descriptions and seeing all the pictures. What a wonderful trip for people who love history. All is well here. Miss you! Don’t worry about the weaving book!

  3. I finally took the time to read your trip report and see pics! Wonderful!
    Very windy today. Our heater has been out for last three days but got fixed again. Not happy!
    Your house is fine but no ink arrived?!? We are looking forward to some very nice weather for the rest of the week but there is still too much snow in Chama for us to go up and spend the night. We can’t drive the last part of the road. Tod is chomping at the bit to get an overnight stay there. We miss you!
    Hugs, Inger

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