We are taking a fall trip to Ireland

Way back in 2010 Patricia and I visited Ireland.  On that vacation we went to Turkey (for the first time) and visited Prague before we arrived in Ireland. It was too much.  Even though we spent a week or so there, we had tried to stuff too much into a single trip.

Now, we are going to spend a little more than two weeks driving around Ireland, mostly along the east coast. We will be able to take more time and visit more places on this trip. As usual, driving on the left will be a challenge–not so much for me, but it will take Patricia a while to get used to it.  I have already promised not to drive down the boat ramp at the Trident hotel in Kinsale thinking it is the entrance to the parking lot the way I did 8 years ago.

We are going to try to stop at many archaeological sites on this visit. We are particularly interested in standing stones and burial mounds. Depending on the weather, we may take a ferry to one of the Aran islands for a day trip.

You can see our maps for the trip, look at a calendar, check out the pictures and posts, all under this heading.