March 27, 2022

Years ago, Patricia and I told Tevya and Kate that we would take their kids on a trip during their eleventh year.  The deal was that the grandkid would get to pick the place–within reason–and justify why they wanted to go there and we would try to make it happen.

Well, Abby turned 11 in 2019, and by the time we could think about a trip, COVID made it impractical–and unwise–to travel.

But in early April of 2022, we plan to travel to London with Abby for a little more than a week. I write “London” but we will also visit Oxford, Canterbury, and Stonehenge. It sounds like a lot, but we won’t even be able to scratch the surface.

We will stay in an Airbnb in a good location near Regent’s Park with easy access to the Tube.  I used to travel to London frequently and it will be interesting to see if I can still find my way around.

I’ll try to write up a little of what we are doing as we go.  Abby plans to contribute to the posts as well. Among the 3 of us we’ll have enough cameras that we should be able to post a few pictures as well.

This should be quite an adventure.

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