“Rooms” at our hotel in Goreme

On Wednesday we flew to the Cappadocia (they say Cap-ah-doke-ia) for another busy day. The flight was only an hour late. We had an interesting interaction when we checked in at the airport because our luggage was apparently overweight and the clerk had no English to tell us about it. We were both tugging bags back and forth and lifting the bags to show they were heavy or not but we finally got that settled.

We first went to an “Underground City” which was 4 levels of warrens carved out from the tufa stone. [Yes, the same tufa used by Native Americans at the Puye and Bandalier sites in New Mexico.] The dormant volcano that deposited the stone dominates the skyline. The terrain has a lot of similarities to where we live. The city was very interesting. There were areas for animals, food preparation, wineries, and sleeping. There were staircases that were protected by huge round doors that could be rolled to block off sections which gives the idea that there were constant struggles. There was even a plain church so the Christians could worship when they were threatened.

After lunch we visited a gem factory. We stopped at a site to take pictures of the fairy chimneys and the landscape. Words cannot describe the “chimneys” which are rock formations that have been hollowed out to be dwellings. I hope that the pictures I post will give you some idea of what we saw. I had the idea before I arrived that there was just one place where the rocks had been carved out for use by people, but everywhere we looked we saw fantastic shapes that had been turned into dwellings.

When we arrived at our hotel, we saw even more cave dwellings. About half of the rooms here are in [presumably upgraded] caves carved out from the rock. Our room is all stone, and has a vaulted ceiling. Quite interesting. In the way of “quite interesting” places, it also has some drawbacks, such as the floors really squeak and there are many different levels of floor, so you have to be careful how you walk.

Another great dinner under the stars at a local restaurant. I have to get this posted right now because we are ready to take off on another day of adventures.

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