A trip to Spain that starts with the Festival de Flamenco in Jerez

We were unable to get to the flamenco festival in Jerez in 2019, so we are happy that we can get there in 2020.

We will be in Jerez for 8 days and already have tickets for 21 performances. We will probably be able to find some performances in peñas as well. Peñas are like flamenco “clubs” and the artistas are almost always local. During the festival, some of the peñas put on free performances.

After the festival, we will return to Seville, then go to Granada, and then to Madrid. We could not fit Córdoba into the itinerary this year, which is too bad. Perhaps we will be able to take a day trip from Seville, It’s only a 45-minute train ride.

I’m going to try to do my posts from my iPad rather than carry my laptop for the whole trip. We’ll see how that works out.

You can see our music itinerary for the trip, look at a calendar, check out the pictures and posts, all under this heading.