We were unable to get to Jerez for the 2019 Festival, but we have been making plans to visit in 2020 since early last summer.

We found really good airfare from the U.S. to Madrid and were able to use frequent flyer miles to get from Santa Fe to Boston, where we leave for Spain.

We will be in Jerez for 8 days and will see about 21 performances. We will go from there to Seville and Granada and Madrid. We hope to see flamenco in those places as well. Now that I am on the board of directors of the National Institute of Flamenco, I expect that I will look at the espectáculos with a slightly different eye.

Our trip from Seville to Granada will be on the new high-speed train line. We have been watching the construction of that line for years and now we won’t have to combine train and bus rides to get to Granada.

This year we will spend 12 days in Madrid. For years we tried to spend as little time as possible there because we thought it was just another big city. We always made a trip to the Prado art museum, but not much else. On our last visit in 2018 we spent a week there and enjoyed it greatly. We left knowing there was plenty more to see, so we are looking forward to spending more time there on this visit.

We will try to visit Segovia on this trip.  In 2018 the weather was cold and snowy in Madrid on the day we planned to go. We hope the weather will be better this year.

On past trips I have lugged along my laptop so I could write posts and add pictures. this year I am going to try to do everything from my iPad. That may limit what I can do, but we’ll see what happens.

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