This 2-dimensional floor, which is in a room with 14th and 15th century paintings, looks 3D.

After a busy Monday, we were ready for more relaxed day on Tuesday.

We went out for breakfast at Plaza Alfafa, which dates back to the Roman period, and which used to be quite close to the river. Now the river is quite far away and Plaza Alfafa is close to our apartment.

The plaza may be old but some of the food is modern: Patricia had a smoothie for desayuno (breakfast). I had a pastry or two and Patricia also had a traditional “toasta con tomate y aciete de oliva” which is toast with tomato and olive oil.

Then we visited a yarn shop which gave us directions to another yarn shop where Patricia could replenish her knitting supplies. The second shop was close to the Parasol. The Parasol is the official name of a structure in the Plaza Mayor that is colloquially known as the “mushroom.” I think it is not a complimentary name.

Patricia got her supplies and then we explored the market for a while. After that we worked our way back to the apartment stopping or window shopping at approximately 56 stores. We did pick up some of our favorite cookies on the way back. As yet, they remain unopened, but I don’t know how long that can last.  [Never mind, Patricia just brought me some.]

After a short break, we went out for lunch. Unless you have been to a [tourist] place like this part of Seville, you cannot imagine how many places there are to eat. There are many choices of menu types. My approach of stopping at the first place that has a single menu item that I can eat is not an acceptable method of selection. Some of us put much more thought into the process than I do.

Restaurante de Alianza

We found a place in Plaza de Alianza we had seen on Sunday when the weather was not so good. This afternoon the weather was pretty good and we were able to sit outside without our jackets. Unfortunately, the charm of the restaurant was more in its setting than in its food, but it was still OK.

Interior of the cathedral

We then visited Santa Maria de la Sede, which is known as the Seville cathedral. We visit each time we are here. This is the 3rd largest Catholic church in the world and it never fails to impress us from the inside or the outside. Because we have ben here before, you might think that I would find new things to take pictures of, but I always seem to focus (ha ha) on the same things.  True to form, I tried to capture a sense of the interior space and the centuries-old stained glass that was positively glowing on this sunny afternoon. We enjoyed this visit as much as we have the others.  I suspect it would take many visits before either of us became bored.

Later in the evening we went out for cinco quesos (five cheese) pizza at Restaurante Orsini, which is around the corner from us, and ate outside in the fading light. I liked the pizza much more than Patricia did.

I added another 33 pictures to the Seville pictures page.

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