Patricia and the Blue Mosque

After Tuesday’s busy schedule we decided to slow it down a bit today. Actually it has been a busy 13 days because we have been gone almost 2 weeks already.

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast in our garden. Then we walked up to Sultanhamet. The line to get into the Aya Sofya was long (darned tourists) so we went over to the Blue Mosque. Because we had nothing planned we were able to spend an hour looking around and taking pictures. I am working on learning how to capture light and dark areas and then combine them to show hidden details (HDR=high dynamic range) so I planted my tripod and took many exposures. In the next few days I will see if I can post some of the results.

Then we went to a nearby shopping area and Patricia spent a couple of hours browsing. She bought a small tribal rug.

Restaurants and hotels line our street

We looked at a half-dozen restaurants on our street before selecting one for a late lunch. We both had Turkish food while sitting on the sidewalk terrace watching people go by. Right now Patricia is standing on the balcony trying to photograph the two doves that seem to live in one of the trees.

Birds eating berries near our balcony

Since we ate lunch, we have the perfect excuse to skip dinner and go directly to ice cream, which is exactly what we plan to do. After that we will go to our rooftop terrace and look at all the sights. It may not be exciting, but it is our idea of an ideal day. [But so was yesterday, and each of the days on the Odyssey and…]

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  1. Your Wednesday sounds like the perfect day to me. How was the ice cream? Are you finding flavors there that you don’t see here in America?

    1. I did not realize I could reply to comments.

      Yes, there are flavors that I hadn’t seen before. All of them are good–so far. In fact, we have had to go from two scoops to three to sample everything.

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