Friday, October 12th

Driving from Sneem to Dingle

Pictures for today will be in short supply.

The “Wild Atlantic Way” tourist route on the Dingle peninsula looking south towards the Ring of Kerry

Last night’s storm had not ended when we ate breakfast at the hotel. The winds pounded and howled all night. It was really loud. Then the rain started in earnest early this morning. By breakfast time, it was a powerful combination.

We were not sure that we should try to make it to Dingle because we were not sure if the roads would be drive-able or what the weather would be when/if we got there. The Irish meteorological forecasts have been good. They predicted, for example, that the storm would hit Sneem about 10:00 last night and the first serious gusts began at 9:50. So, when the prediction was for the weather to improve by noon, we decided to try the drive.

It rained all the way from Sneem to Kilarney, but there was no wind and not too many large puddles on the road. Some of the obvious storm damage had already been cleaned up and the driving was not bad. Once we left Kilarney, though, the weather brightened up considerably and we were even greeted by a rainbow as we turned on to the Dingle Peninsula. The roads in this area have been substantially improved since our last visit and the driving was easy.  Well, as easy as it gets on Irish roads, anyhow.

Near the town of Inch (famous for surfing) the view of the Atlantic reminded us why this whole area is called the “Wild Atlantic Way.” The sea was grey and rank after rank poured toward the shore. Some of the waves broke loudly off-shore. We stopped at a viewpoint to take pictures. The wind was blowing, the waves were high and noisy, and it was magnificent.

The weather held until we got to the Dingle Skellig Hotel. We stayed here 8 years ago and enjoyed it. Our room wasn’t ready so we sat in the bar and had a late lunch. Patricia’s seafood chowder and smoked salmon were very good.

We planned to go see some traditional Irish music being performed in a local church tonight, but no sooner did we get to our room–which has a side room just for viewing the water and scenery–than the rain and wind started up again. I think we are in for the night.

The “Wild Atlantic Way” tourist route on the Dingle peninsula looking south towards the Ring of Kerry

You will see that I forgot to start the map when we left the hotel. My excuse is that it was pouring rain. But here is what I did record.

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