I have finished adding captions to most of the 920+ images I posted from our trip to Spain and Portugal in September and October. This process always takes longer than I would like because I try to make the captions accurate. We visited several very good museums and getting captions for works of art takes time. I’m thinking of trying to capture the museums’ own captions to save some time looking everything up when we get home. The problem is that I am often so blinded by what we are seeing that I don’t remember to do that.

When I tried to post my captions to the website, I discovered that the format I have been using for several years with my album software [jAlbum, if you are interested] would not work any longer. I had to update my album software and find a new format for the images. The new format shows first shows you thumbnails–20 to a page–and will show a larger image if you click on a thumbnail. The larger image you get from clicking on a thumbnail has icons in the upper right of the picture to see the previous and next images and to start a slide show. There is also an icon that will expand the picture to a larger version. At the bottom of the picture you can click “Photo Info” to get some information about the image. Also at the bottom is a button that says “Open image in new window” that will show you the largest version of the image.

I think the new layout for pictures works pretty well and limited testing shows that the album will work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Please let me know if you run into problems or have suggestions on how I can improve the albums.

The newly captioned images are at Fall 2014 or you can go to Albums and select “Spain and Portugal, 2014.”

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